Thursday, July 12, 2012

Huey meets Flat Huey

Huey at Red Door Animal Shelter meets Flat Huey!!!
Huey is their shelter mascot and adored by EVERYONE who visits the shelter.

Red Door Animal Shelter (Chicago, IL) is a no-kill shelter committed to helping animals in need. Its primary focus is on the rescue, shelter and adoption of cats, dogs and rabbits—the three most popular pets in the United States.
Red Door provides a cageless environment for its animals, giving them the closest-to-a-home experience that a shelter can provide. While theirr emphasis is on re-homing the animals through resourceful adoption programs, the shelter does offer permanent residence for those few animals not placed in homes.
Check Red Door's website for more PAWSOME info.

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  1. Huey is an amazing cat. He was abused as a kitten and as a result has very little control over his hind end. Yet, despite all the trauma he's seen, he's become the unofficial "mascot" of the Red Door. He greets all of the visitors and is incredibly friendly and loving. He has a wonderful life at Red Door and is an inspiration to everyone fortunate enough to meet him. Thank you for making such a wonderful Flat Huey!