Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flat Bonnie "Around the World" - 1st Birthday Photo Contest!!!

March 30th is Flat Bonnie's First Birthday!!

Help celebrate by sharing photos of your Flat Bonnie or Flat Friend having fun! There will be Buntastic prizes for the funnest photos.

Submit your best photos one of 3 ways:
1 - Post on Flat Bonnie's Flickr Group - here
2 - Post on Flat Bonnie's Facebook page - here
3 - email them to -

Contest ends April 20, 2012.

Hand Made Prizes:
1 - Flat Bonnie Plush, Oopsie & Poopsie and some goodies
2 - Flat Bonnie Plush and some goodies
3 - Oopsie & Poopsie gift set
4 - Shrinky Dinks Fridge Magnets - set A
5 - Shrinky Dinks Fridge Magnets - set B

More info:
Include what Country and City the picture was taken in.

Don't know how to use Flickr? We will post Facebook and email submitted photos to the Flickr Group for you.

We will take the best Flat Bonnie and Friends photos and make a "First Year" video compilation. Don't forget to include the name that you want used in the photo credits.

Please make sure to submit high quality, full size photos.

Don't have your own Flat Bonnie yet? Draw an awesome picture of Flat Bonnie having fun and send it in.

Picture ideas:
Take a picture with your real bun, shopping, going to bed, on vacation, having a snack, hang gliding, diving, or get ideas from photos already in the Flickr Group.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flat BatBun is here!

Flat BatBun is tired of staying in the secret BunCave...
She wants to explore the world just like Flat Bonnie and Friends
! Will you adopt her?

Sunday, March 4, 2012